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The Planning Division processes applications for land subdivisions, zoning and annexation activities. Each process is described either by City or County regulations and/or state law. The Division normally processes subdivision, zoning and annexation applications every month and has multiple active applications under review all the time.
This page provides both annual data on the types and numbers of subdivision, zoning and annexation applications the Division has processed and real-time information on applications that are currently being reviewed and processed by the Division.

Subdivision Submittals Reports

Annexation Submittals Reports

Summary Reports

**NOTICE: The application below searches and finds live application data from the Planning Division data management system. The records are refreshed daily after 5:00 p.m. For further information on an application or permit, please contact the front office at 657-8246. Technical questions may be addressed by contacting Lori Latta of the City of Billings IT Department at 657-8385.

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